Wednesday, January 26, 2011

pennies from heaven

OKAY. first real outfit post of my life. disclaimer: i can only make dumb faces. like not cute faces at all. like dean in blue valentine? he has to sing goofy? that's me. i can only pose goofy/make goofy faces. another disclaimer: i have a shitty PC with a shitty webcam/no digital camera so the picture quality sucks to the max. but i'm tryin'!

blurry times ten with laundry. but there's the outfit!

shirt/sweater/tunic/dress thing, beyourself
leggings, target
socks, target
boots, urban outfitters

there's the shirt up close. it's like a weird peacock feather/fern/splatter painted eighties sweater that i got for $15. it's mega huge and kind of ugly but in a cute way. ya know?


new boots. corner of the prayer shawl.
i really like them, i decided. and i have a funny story from my english class about them:

one of my best friends is in my english class and we were waiting for class to start and he goes, "how many pairs of shoes do you have?" i glare at him and say, "not that many. i just got these last night." and then this random boy who looks like a hick from the sticks says (in like the softest, little boy-i-est voice ever), "i like them because they're different. i've never seen ones that fold down like that before." and then the boy next to him goes, "yeah, they're okay." i was like....what? i guess it always warms my heart when boys say funny matter-of-fact, boy-type things.

oh heyyy there's my face.

Monday, January 24, 2011

i've got some braaaaand new shoes

actually they're boots but whatevzzzzzzz. they're super cute but i sometimes think they make my calves look kind of weirdly fat so i'm not exaaaactly sure if i'm maaaadly in love with them. just kind of mostly in love with them. BUT I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH MY NEW HAT! it was $6.42 at walgreens.

i think it's really great. i got some weird looks in my anthropology class today, though, 'cause i think people expected me to take it off but i couldn't because i had some maaaajor hat hair. all flat and stuck to my head and stuff.....yeah, not cute.

today me and my roomie watched a couple of videos of ryan gosling being really great and funny and gorgeous and i think i want to marry him. then we came up with a hypothetical situation where his car breaks down in front of our house (ya hear that world? we might get a house! it's really cute and it's listed under "victorian charm"! what the heck?) while i'm gardening (ya hear that world? there's a freakin' garden in the front yard...right now it's kind of overgrown but we can fix that with my grandpa's help) so i invite him inside and make him a pint of ice cream in our potential tiny ice cream maker and we fall in love. i can hear the song 'creep' by radiohead playing softly in the background as i type this.

here's a picture! (of the house...not ryan gosling eating the pint of ice cream that i'm going to make for him)

disregard the fact that it's the google earth view/the garden is grossly overgrown/there's a creeper van in the driveway. if you move around the little google earth thing and look at the rest of the neighborhood it's actually super nice and really friendly looking. and the house is cheap to rent! can you even stand it? i can't. and the walls are quite possibly pink and the carpet is quite possibly red. gross right? grossly endearing. grossly beautiful for a first house. 

since this is supposed to be like a fashion-y blog because that's what i really like and stuff, here's a polyvore picture of what i would wear while gardening/falling in love with ryan gosling.

romper, modcloth
shoes, urban outfitters
bracelet, modcloth
headband, anthropologie

when i was in like...tenth grade, i had tetris on my phone and i was addicted and when i would close my eyes i would see the tiles fitting together. weird, yeah? that's happening with polyvore. i really love polyvore and when i close my eyes i see lots of clothes and make potential outfits and it's kind of great/scary. then i have dreams about the outfits and weddings and the sartorialist and nick jonas.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

i was outta your leeeeeague

today was still reeeeally cold (when i woke up it was zero degrees. REALLY NEBRASKA?) so i didn't even bother trying to dress well. 'cause ya know, sometimes i wake up and say "hello world, i'm going to look good today and people will be jealous and ladidadida." but today was "booo world go back to sleep so i can, tooooo." so i rolled out of bed, did my homework (right? yeah? doing homework an hour before it's due like a champ), put on crap clothes and hoofed it to class.

BUT i bought some cute boots (on sale! with another discount!) so it balances out.

urban outfitters for the win!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

first post

it's absolutely freezing here in nebraska, so i've been bundled up in my dorm room for half the day perusing/reading/admiring fashion blogs and drinking capri sun. i got really inspired by all the great blogs i was looking at and decided to start my own. i think it'll be a mix of my own outfit posts, pictures of my roommate and her weird habits/awesome style, happenings in our dorm and out and about on the university of nebraska-lincoln campus and lots of dream outfits courtesy of polyvore. i should say now that i plan to be very consistent and regular with my posts so then it might actually happen.

soooooooooo for my first picture post-y thing, i'll show y'all the outfit that i would kill to be wearing right now if a. it wasn't minus 5 degrees and blizzarding (i think...i haven't looked outside in awhile) and b. i had money to spend.

Kimchi Blue Swiss Dot Lace Inset Blouse
Boy. Reconstructed Sailor Pant
Jessica Simpson Collection SHOES Dress DANY
UO Chandelier Earrings
Sno Coral Plaited Headband
(all clothes found on polyvore)