Wednesday, February 23, 2011

holy moly me oh myyyyyyy

i don't think i have anything clever/witty to say. not that i usually have clever/witty things to say. but i can usually think of a story or something to entice you with.
OH. here's a story: french people don't end sentences with prepositions and i'm pretty sure english speakers aren't supposed to either, but we do (like that sentence up there that ends with with). if it was proper english, it'd have to say "something with which to entice you." and if it was proper franglais, it'd say "une chose avec quelle je t'entice." LANGUAGE IS KEWL.

i bought the dress! and i wore something other than jeans and a shirt! progress, right? right? riiiiiiiight? it's super cute and kind of huge (hence the belt) and i decided it'll make a good pregnant dress if i ever happen to be pregnant.
oh, another story: i have a new favorite baby name. it's edith(edie) rose. it used to be olivia(livvy) jane. but the other day my little sister decided to steal that name from me and call her child olivia june. real nice, paris. one letter different.
do you like how possessive we are with inanimate and irrelevant objects like baby names? do you also like how none of my stories are actually stories?

socks, right? trends are weird. 'cause if a year ago, someone had said "tayler. in a year you're going to wear really tall school girl-esque socks with flats," i would have psh'd them and went on my merry way. but lo, i'm rockin' the socks.

this is what i looked like outside, minus the awkward sideways posing and such. i did take a picture of me pretending to smoke 'cause i was doing the whole 'oh i don't give a shit i'm wearing a leather jacket and pseudo ray bans' thing, but it was a fail of a picture.

scarf: target
jacket: miss sixty via von maur
dress: modcloth
slip under the dress: urban outfitters
belt: urban outfitters
socks: target
shoes: urban outfitters

that's my liam-aiken-as-a-squinty-child impression

except now he's not a child (ANNA) he's just super gorgeous (and still squinty) and i want to marry him.

 i bet he'd like the name edith.

hey guys here's another modcloth dress that i kind of like.  except i like this one in one of those "oh lord (sometimes i feel weird saying 'oh lord' because that's my last name) (my old boyfriend used to call me 'oh my tayler lord') (i always feel weird saying ex-boyfriend. i prefer old boyfriend) i would never wear that but it still somehow appeals to me" sort of ways. not one of those "oh my gosh i need to wear this now AND when i'm pregnant" sort of ways.

it's so deliciously eighties! like double breasted jackets! i looked up prince william on tumblr last night and there was something about double breasted jackets and i laughed (that last bit was for the benefit of tess and anna).
i feel like i would like this dress and i'd wear it with black tights and boots and be happy. and then i'd wear it in the summer with flats and still be happy. cripes. maybe i do want it.......and it's on sale.........oh no.

Friday, February 18, 2011

hey there ho there how do ya do?

no outfit post this friday 'cause i don't think my outfit is worth posting because it's the same pair of jeans i've worn in like the last three posts with another shirt (courtesy of my roomieshroomiepie) (but my underwear is really cute and frilly)/i'm doing office hours so i can't awkwardly pose in the upc office because that would be weird. so this post is basically about nothing. i just thought i'd check in, say hey there (ho there how do ya in princess diaries? at the beginning? lanna, anna and fontana?)


edit: they're actually $22.50. i've spent all of my money on dresses and fro yo, but alvin ailey is worth the money. the huxtables went to alvin ailey. sooo...
bye i'm sorry this post was pointless.

oh p.s. i ordered the dress! so maybe i'll wear cute things on tuesday.

Friday, February 11, 2011

it's disgustingly clear that we no longer live in the renaissance

i'm doing this post at the insistent urging of some friends ( SHOUT OUT COLBS AND KAYLEEEEE).

i think you should all know that i'm a terribly boring person. as such a boring person, the highlight of my life was the fact that i discovered glee. yeah, i know. i hate show choir more than i hate a lot of things (probably more than i hate cream of mushroom soup, which is saying something) but i can't help my love for glee. it's cheesy and annoying and i spent around ten hours watching it last saturday and now i'm hooked (waddup j-biebs episode on tuesday!)

disclaimer: i'm actually a really fun person and i like woody allen movies and listening to bob dylan and wearing leotards (youuuuu juuuuust waaaaait) and eating hummus and all of the other things that weird 'hipster/indie' kids are supposed to like. the whole glee thing is just a deep dark secret that i tell everyone. BUT HEY. i likes what i likes. that last statement defeats the purpose of a disclaimer, but i like bold face type and i'll jump at any chance to use it.

right? cute face that looks like i don't want to be doing this at all? mmhmm.

(why yes, that is me adjusting my bra strap as this picture was being taken, thank you for noticing)

THE BACK! i love this leotard a whole lot because the back is so spectacular. i'm a sucker for anything with a low/cut-out back, especially if it's a casual piece, ya know? 'cause then people think i'm just wearing a long-sleeved shirt because i'm a college student and i don't care and then BAM. no back.
sooo magical, i swear it. even if it does make going to the bathroom kind of a hassle.

shoes that i'm in love with that gave me bitchin' blisters on two toes.

no dumb face/pose picture this week. just dumb half-face-trying-to-figure-out-how-to-go-from-black&white-to-regular-on-the-webcam-plus-scarf.

leotard: american apparel
scarf: target
jeans and shoes: urban outfitters

now i have a question: should i buy this dress? it'd be like $55 with tax and shipping and everything from modcloth and i really like it but i'm having trouble bringing myself to spend money. thoughts? anna and i made a pro/con list and there were a lot of pros (one being the fact that she could borrow it, her suggestion) and i just don't knooooow.

so pretty, right? and it has long sleeves.

Friday, February 4, 2011

ne me quitte pas, mon cher

i feel like you should all hear this story, 'cause i thought it was really funny:

i was in the university program council office today with two other people. the girl said to the guy, 'alex, who's this girl in your profile picture?' and he said, 'my girlfriend.' and she said, 'when did you start dating? 'cause i sweeeear the last time i talked to you, you didn't have a girlfriend.' and he said, 'two and a half years ago.' hahahaaaahahahahahahahahahaadiahahahahahahadihahahahahaaaaaaa. funny, right?

so it has been freeeeezing (as always) in lincoln for the last week (snowpocalypse? is that what people are calling it? seriously scary wind chills and NO snow days here at UNL, thanks harvey perlman), so i haven't worn anything worth posting. but today it was like 35 degrees soooo i wore something other than a sweatshirt and jeans.

yeahyeah maybe? the shirt is like...completely see-through. we're going to cracker barrel tonight so i hope i don't shock any old folks passin' through Ltown.

ya know, i could write a rhetorical analysis about society's norms and how my wearing a see-through shirt is a violation of said norms and could possibly find its roots in ancient egyptian art and how that makes you feel and how that makes me feel and how that makes the old lady in the corner eating pancakes and grits feel and how what she's eating can relate back to certain race groups that are phenotypically AND genotypically different than the race of said woman. can you guess what classes i'm taking? school is cool!

boots&cats&boots&cats. keeewwwlll pose, right?

obligatory 'tayler can pose like a dork while making awkward faces that make everyone uncomfortable' picture. wow, that sounds really self-deprecating, doesn't it? eh. i love myself and i hate myself.

shirt, jeans and boots: urban outfitters
socks and scarf: target