Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i'll instagram it!

one of my favorite bloggers is bleubird vintage because she's mega beautiful and owns the jessica simpson dany heels (shoe death) and her kids are beyond cool and gorgeous. she posts lots of pictures on twitter/her blog of everything cool in her life via an iphone app called instagram. after months of looking at her super awesome pictures, i finally decided to download the app. 

holy god, i'm in love. 

here are some instagram-ed shots of our omaha shopping trip last thursday. it was college night at urban outfitters and all of the sale stuff was 50% off. that is not small potatoes, as anna put it. and the regular stuff was 10% off. soooo i got six things for $56 (including a really cool pair of high waisted jean/legging pants with cool braids on them for five dollars). outrageous. cool bold print, right?

that is anna being a stellar driver. we didn't get lost once! which is good because the only place we ever go in omaha is urban outfitters, so we'd be dumb if we got lost.  

emily smiling "candidly." 

tessypoo. her outfit was really good that day. i should've gotten a shot of her fuschia t-strap wedges and navy socks. supaaa cute and man repeller worthy. 

shmemmy again. but the focus is supposed to be on the really cute cashier in the background. we high fived, which was magical, because high fives are usually few and far between when i ask for them. so are hugs.

colbs drinkin' a diet pepsi and saying something funny. we laughed a lot on the way up there. we wore sunglasses in the dark a lot on the way back. 

waitin' to pay very little money for very cute clothing. 

my new red shoes! don't step on my red suede shoes! they're kimchi blue, so of course they give me loads of blisters.. i wore them today and had to change to moccasins after an hour and a half. but ho hum i still love them.

we went to sonic after we shopped and had some trouble ordering our route 44 diet cherry limeades with no limes and extra cherries. they gave us route 44 regular cherry limeades with lots of limes and no cherries. and probably a healthy dose of spit. 

dude there is a poodle in that cloud. see it? it's like jumping in the air? maybe? its front paws are up? yeah? 

those are anna's super huge sunglasses. or sunnies, as rachel zoe says. (she had her baby congrats rachel zoe i bet de bebe is maaaaajor...or something!)

those are the moccasins that i'm wearing right now. i've had them for almost two years but i just started wearing them a lot because they look like peter pan shoes. we did peter pan at my high school last year and now i hate peter pan and have trouble wearing things related to it. 

those are my sunnies. tess says that i "look like elton john in the best of ways" when i wear them. 
he's hosting SNL on saturday. 
i'd like to meet andy samberg. 

other things that happened in my life since i last blogged: 
-a whole lot of nothing
-i fell in love with paul iacono from the hard times of rj berger (shame)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


tayler: i don't know what to write about.
tess: write about your aweeeesome friends and how you drank aweeeeeesome shooters and just soaked up each other's aweeeeeeesomeness.

yesterday, a few friends and i made sweatshirts. aka we ironed some images onto some fruit of the loom sweatshirts.

one friend made a star wars sweatshirt: 

one friend made some ridiculous cats-pulling-a-fish sweatshirt:

and another friend and i made......

LION SWEATSHIRTS! raaaaawr! scaaaaary! that lion's mouth is open and it's scaaaaaary!

that's alex. he's my 'indie' friend. he kept saying that a lot last night. 'indie.' what does that even mean? i get it in reference to movies and music, but i feel like people aren't 'indie.' i like the label 'hipster' better. eh.
but he's a cool cat and we're both wearing lion sweatshirts (that was kind of punny because lions are just big cats)! his face is normal and mine is questionable.

that's me making an 'i-think-you're-gross-because-you-want-to-listen-to-music-at-a-hideously-loud-volume-while-you're-in-the-shower-even-though-there-are-fifty-other-girls-living-on-your-floor-whose-opinions-and-eardrums-you-should-probably-try-to-respect' face while wearing a lion sweatshirt.

that's me making an 'oh-hey-my-hair-is-curly' face while wearing a lion sweatshirt.

and that's my 'i'm-going-to-awkwardly-kick-my-leg-up-and-make-a-dumb-face-that-you-can-only-half-see' pose while wearing a lion sweatshirt.

that's tess whippin' her hair back and forth and smiling awkwardly while cutting out stencils of victoria's secret pink dogs. she made the star wars sweatshirt.

noodle bowl bar in the dining hall tonight! i'm really excited about it, though the picture suggests otherwise. it's a 'hey whatevzzzzz noodle bowls are aiiiiight' face because i like to play it cool and not let my dining hall excitement show too much.

that's my nephew gavin and today is his first birthday.
he is so beautiful and his eyes are so big and blue and yesterday he tried to eat a crayon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i got a gaggle o' girls

i have really short hair and i've always had really short hair (except that time sophomore year when it like touched my shoulders) and i like it that way. but every once in awhile my hair gets long enough to have a ponytail that bounces and i love it. when it bounces i'm kind of like the little girl on 'despicable me' that says IT'S SO FLUFFY! that's how excited i get.

RIGHT? it's not even long and if it was on anyone else's head they'd be like 'oh god my hair isn't long and when i shampoo my hair i cry because there aren't (isn't? aren't?) eight feet of hair to wash! life sucks!' but i'm like 'hollaback my hair is in a ponytail and i only used six bobby pins instead of eight!'

it's dumb that i can find so many things to say about a ponytail/that i'm so excited about a ponytail. i should be concerned with things like politics and humanity and stuff. or charlie sheen? because that's what everyone in the world cares about, right? charlie sheen? we spent our entire english class today arguing about charlie sheen and how it's sad that his life is spiraling downward into a black abyss and we probs shouldn't laugh because the media is exploiting his disease and 'two and a half men' is pushing the feminist movement back about 800 years (not really, more like 23).

BUT. i haven't seen the charlie sheen interview (nor do i want to). so, since i spend half my life looking at blogs and eating meringues and waiting for to post the louis vuitton show, i get really excited about a ponytail.

bouncing ponytail.

(p.s. this movie 'hall pass'? that's gonna push the feminist movement back at least 87 years. at least.)