Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i got a gaggle o' girls

i have really short hair and i've always had really short hair (except that time sophomore year when it like touched my shoulders) and i like it that way. but every once in awhile my hair gets long enough to have a ponytail that bounces and i love it. when it bounces i'm kind of like the little girl on 'despicable me' that says IT'S SO FLUFFY! that's how excited i get.

RIGHT? it's not even long and if it was on anyone else's head they'd be like 'oh god my hair isn't long and when i shampoo my hair i cry because there aren't (isn't? aren't?) eight feet of hair to wash! life sucks!' but i'm like 'hollaback my hair is in a ponytail and i only used six bobby pins instead of eight!'

it's dumb that i can find so many things to say about a ponytail/that i'm so excited about a ponytail. i should be concerned with things like politics and humanity and stuff. or charlie sheen? because that's what everyone in the world cares about, right? charlie sheen? we spent our entire english class today arguing about charlie sheen and how it's sad that his life is spiraling downward into a black abyss and we probs shouldn't laugh because the media is exploiting his disease and 'two and a half men' is pushing the feminist movement back about 800 years (not really, more like 23).

BUT. i haven't seen the charlie sheen interview (nor do i want to). so, since i spend half my life looking at blogs and eating meringues and waiting for style.com to post the louis vuitton show, i get really excited about a ponytail.

bouncing ponytail.

(p.s. this movie 'hall pass'? that's gonna push the feminist movement back at least 87 years. at least.)

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