Thursday, March 3, 2011


tayler: i don't know what to write about.
tess: write about your aweeeesome friends and how you drank aweeeeeesome shooters and just soaked up each other's aweeeeeeesomeness.

yesterday, a few friends and i made sweatshirts. aka we ironed some images onto some fruit of the loom sweatshirts.

one friend made a star wars sweatshirt: 

one friend made some ridiculous cats-pulling-a-fish sweatshirt:

and another friend and i made......

LION SWEATSHIRTS! raaaaawr! scaaaaary! that lion's mouth is open and it's scaaaaaary!

that's alex. he's my 'indie' friend. he kept saying that a lot last night. 'indie.' what does that even mean? i get it in reference to movies and music, but i feel like people aren't 'indie.' i like the label 'hipster' better. eh.
but he's a cool cat and we're both wearing lion sweatshirts (that was kind of punny because lions are just big cats)! his face is normal and mine is questionable.

that's me making an 'i-think-you're-gross-because-you-want-to-listen-to-music-at-a-hideously-loud-volume-while-you're-in-the-shower-even-though-there-are-fifty-other-girls-living-on-your-floor-whose-opinions-and-eardrums-you-should-probably-try-to-respect' face while wearing a lion sweatshirt.

that's me making an 'oh-hey-my-hair-is-curly' face while wearing a lion sweatshirt.

and that's my 'i'm-going-to-awkwardly-kick-my-leg-up-and-make-a-dumb-face-that-you-can-only-half-see' pose while wearing a lion sweatshirt.

that's tess whippin' her hair back and forth and smiling awkwardly while cutting out stencils of victoria's secret pink dogs. she made the star wars sweatshirt.

noodle bowl bar in the dining hall tonight! i'm really excited about it, though the picture suggests otherwise. it's a 'hey whatevzzzzz noodle bowls are aiiiiight' face because i like to play it cool and not let my dining hall excitement show too much.

that's my nephew gavin and today is his first birthday.
he is so beautiful and his eyes are so big and blue and yesterday he tried to eat a crayon.

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